We Didn’t Start the Fire – Syllable Grid

Syllable Grid

The third stage of the We Didn’t Start the Fire the lesson sequence requires students to write an updated verse for the song.  Some students struggle with the division of syllables and beats, so I devised this simple grid to help them structure their verses to fit the original song pattern. The original lyrics follow a particular song structure and so, by having a visual reference that demonstrates how the lyrics were made to fit the verse, students may find it easier to make their own versions fit with the original.

Download here – We Didn’t Start the Fire – Syllable grid for lyrics (portrait version)

3 Responses to We Didn’t Start the Fire – Syllable Grid

  1. Jaden says:

    this really helped me with my school project, thank you for making this.

  2. Tom McLoughlin says:

    frickin brilliant – what a great resource. Thanks so much – my Year 12s absolutely loved this idea

    • Mr Allsop says:

      Thanks! Really glad your students enjoyed it 🙂

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