We Will Rock You Sound Effects

We Will Rock You

In addition to teaching History, I am also heavily involved with school productions. I’m an active musician and regularly create and design sounds and music for shows. The following sound effects pack is available to download for free, but please contact me or leave a comment below as it’s always nice to hear from people who use it!

This collection of sound effects and video clips was created for a production of We Will Rock You.  Designed to be as comprehensive as possible, the zip file contains all the sound and video effects listed below:


  • Opening winds
  • Communicator open
  • Killer Queen intro text
  • Cattle prods (three variations)
  • Killer Queen hologram
  • Life support beeps (hospital scene)
  • Rocks exploding
  • Abandoned Tube Station
  • Cattle prods (fight at end of Act 1)

 ACT 2

  • One Vision opening sounds
  • Cattle prods (three variations)
  • Mind wiper machine
  • Bohemian Rhapsody video extract with interference
  • Lake draining
  • Motorbike start and idling
  • Video flying over central London and circling Wembley Stadium

Download41MB .zip file

12 Responses to We Will Rock You Sound Effects

  1. L Melville says:

    Used most of these in our school production way back in 2014 and have returned to d/load your Grease SFX for this years production. Many thanks!!

    • Mr Allsop says:

      Excellent! Really pleased that they’ve come in useful for you. Break a leg!

  2. Lewis Reid says:

    These are going to help me so much! Thanks

  3. Dominic Young says:

    Thanks for these. I don’t suppose I could be really cheeky and ask whether you have the paperwork to go with this? Like a cue sheet would be so useful.


    • Mr Allsop says:

      I’m afraid I did this show quite a while ago and so don’t have any of the paperwork any more. Hopefully a read through of the script will help you match the SFX titles to the scene and/or action.

  4. Liam says:

    Thanks so much! Especially for the One Vision SFX, editing them into the SWRY version made it sound a lot better!

    • Mr Allsop says:

      You’re very welcome! Glad it came in handy 🙂

  5. Leona says:

    Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! These are better than I could have imagined.

    Did you manage to secure the graphics for other parts of the production at all?

    • Mr Allsop says:

      Thank you! Everything in the .zip file is material I created for our production – we didn’t include things like the Globalsoft logo, although there’s quite a nice version that somebody else created and then put on YouTube here.

  6. Mark says:

    Many thanks from Thornhill school Sunderland.

  7. John Manghan says:

    Thanks for the WWRY sounds and vision saved me days of searching!
    Peele school Long Sutton putting on show March 2013.
    Thanks once again.

  8. Maria Langford says:

    Thank you Scotty. Brilliant and precise as always x

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