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The Flight to Varennes

What happened when Louis XVI attempted to escape from Paris in the Flight to Varennes?

King Louis XVI of France and his family were caught attempting to escape Paris during the Flight to Varennes.

Paris Peace Conference

The start of the Paris Peace Conference – a brief introduction

Other peace treaties

The ‘Other’ WW1 Peace Treaties overview video

This GCSE and IGCSE History revision podcast focuses on the post-war treaties of St Germain with Austria, Neuilly with Bulgaria, Trianon with Hungary, and Sèvres with Turkey. They are often overshadowed by the Treaty of Versailles, but the four treaties had an enormous effect on Europe and the Middle East in the interwar period. This podcast is designed to give an overview of the terms of these treaties with Austria, Hungary and Bulgaria as well as exploring the specific effects of the Treaty of Sèvres with Turkey.