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Dual Alliance

The formation of the Dual Alliance by Germany and Austria-Hungary – introductory video

Keen to consolidate the newly-united Germany, Otto von Bismarck turned to diplomacy in an attempt to ensure the status quo in Europe.

Triple Alliance

The creation of the Triple Alliance: an overview

Germany, Austria-Hungary and Italy formed the Triple Alliance.

The Bosnian Crisis

The Bosnian Crisis

The Bosnian Crisis came to end with Serbia’s acceptance of the annexation of Bosnia and Herzegovina by Austria-Hungary.

Austria-Hungary declaration of war

Austria-Hungary and the declaration of war

Exactly one month after the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand, Austria-Hungary declared war on Serbia.

Declaration of Olmütz

Changing relations between Austria-Hungary and Prussia: the Declaration of Olmütz

End of the Crimean War

The terms of the Treaty of Paris that ended the Crimean War

The Crimean War began in October 1853, having been triggered by disagreements between Russia and the Ottoman Empire regarding Russia’s right to protect the Orthodox Christian minority in the Ottoman-controlled Holy Land.