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I’ve built up a collection of original quiz rounds that are related (in some way) to something from history. Some are more tenuous than others, but all are available to download for free (with answers!)

Hopefully this list will save you needing to scroll through pages of individual listings.

Music Quiz RoundsPicture Quiz RoundsFestive Quiz RoundsGeneral History-related Quiz Rounds

Bardcore Pop Songs

Art History With Mr Bean

Unusual Christmas Cover Songs - (Christmas music round)


Fairground Organ Pop Songs

Historical Lego and Playmobil

Merry Monarchs (Christmas picture round)

Assassinations and Murders

Ragtime Pop Songs

Ladybird Adventures From History

Christmas Chronology


Mystery History authors

Christmas Connections

Earlier or Later

NATO and Warsaw Pact

Decembral Knowledge

Famous Furniture

Festivals and Celebrations

Food and Drink

Historical Movie Taglines

History-related Song Lyrics


True or False

Vaguely Stamford Bridge

What Comes Next?

What Comes Next? (2)

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