IGCSE History Paper 4 exam tips – last exam 2014

exam tips

Please see CIE History Paper 4 from 2024 onwards for the current version of this podcast, which addresses the ‘new’ syllabus from June 2024 onwards.

As with my revision podcast for IGCSE Paper 2, this episode is built around the notes from the examiner’s report combined with my own practical tips and tricks for using your knowledge and skills in the right ways in order to gain the number of marks you deserve.

IGCSE History Paper 4 is the Depth Study paper, and consequently the content material differs depending on what Depth Study you studied at your school. It doesn’t matter which one you focused on as the layout of the exam and the requirements of the mark scheme are the same  Consequently this podcast aims to be as broad as possible.

The podcast explains techniques for each question in both Section A (the source questions) and Section B (the ‘knowledge’ questions).

9 Responses to IGCSE History Paper 4 exam tips – last exam 2014

  1. oliver says:

    When is the relevant podcast on paper 4 2015 onward likely to be available? I have found your podcasts very useful even to me the teacher.

  2. Daanyal says:

    in Paper 4 do i just answer 1 depth study?

    • Mr Allsop says:

      That’s right – you are only required to study one Depth Study.

  3. Maya Bhagat says:

    Your revision podcasts are excellent; they really help to pick out the relevant information from the textbooks and papers. Could you try to make one for the 40 mark question on Paper 4? Like, how many and what kind of points to inlcude, how many words we should have.

  4. ANANTHAN says:

    thnx…………..this has been really helpful didnt really know what to do but now i do

  5. Sam says:

    This is very helpful thank you, I think I might get an A*.

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