German involvement in the Spanish Civil War

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This revision podcast was originally created for IGCSE History students completing a Paper 2 (sources) exam based on the Spanish Civil War.  However, it is appropriate for other students who wish to gain an overview of Germany’s involvement as it looks at three key issues.  Firstly a quick background to the Civil War itself, secondly a consideration of why Germany got involved, and finally a discussion of what Germany contributed to the Spanish Civil War.

The first part of the podcast presents an overview of General Franco’s nationalist uprising with reference to the republican government, the forces on each side in the conflict, and the Non-Intervention Committee.

The second section looks at reasons for why Germany got involved in the Spanish Civil War.  The causes assessed in the revision podcast are Hitler’s hatred of communism, the opportunity to test new equipment, the possibility of developing an alliance with Italy, and access to Spanish raw materials.

The final part of the episode considers the impact of German involvement.  Particular attention is given to the impact of the Condor Legion at Guernica.

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5 Responses to German involvement in the Spanish Civil War

  1. Natalie Chege says:

    Thanks a lot for your Podcasts as they have trumendously helped me understand as well as enjoys studying history which has consequently improved my grade by a large margin … As well as advise on making tables (although I used to never like them ) lol anyway this website is lit !✨

  2. Gladio says:

    is this topic only asked about in paper two?

    • Mr Allsop says:

      It was the Paper 2 focus a few years ago, but questions relating to it can appear in Paper 1 as it’s part of the Road to World War 2 topic.

  3. Ellis Ngu says:

    Love your podcasts and videos! Helped me so much 🙂 Thank you

  4. […] the 26th July 1936, Adolf Hitler informed General Francisco Franco that Germany would support his Nationalist rebellion in Spain. Benito Mussolini, the leader of Italy, also agreed to intervene in the war on the Nationalist side […]

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