Causes and Consequences of the Iran-Iraq War, 1980-88

Iran-Iraq War

This revision podcast is relevant to both GCSE and IGCSE History students, although AS and IB students may find it a helpful introduction to events in the Gulf in the later 20th Century.

The podcast looks at three key factors:

  • The different causes of the war, including Iran’s threat to Saddam’s regime, the opportunity for Iraq to gain territory and oil, and timing
  • The nature of how the war was fought, including the impact of foreign powers
  • The consequences of the war for each nation

The revision guide aims to give clear examples for each of these factors, and explain how students might approach a question on them in the exam.


4 Responses to Causes and Consequences of the Iran-Iraq War, 1980-88

  1. Álvaro Teixeira says:

    can we consider you a historian for a history paper?

  2. sangeeta says:

    I use the podcats for my class to introduce the topic.Te students find it good and I couple this with notes and videos.
    Excellent resource.

  3. student says:

    is this information available in the form of text anywhere?

    • Mr Allsop says:

      I’m currently in the process of making transcripts available for all my podcasts. You will be able to download these in PDF format.

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