Caucasian Chalk Circle Sound Effects

Caucasian Chalk Circle

In addition to teaching History, I am also heavily involved with school productions. I’m an active musician and regularly create and design sounds and music for shows. The following sound effects pack is available to download for free, but please contact me or leave a comment below as it’s always nice to hear from people who use it!

This collection of sound effects was created for a production of the Caucasian Chalk Circle by Brecht.  These sounds are appropriate for use in most versions, depending on the period in which it is set.  The zip file archive contains the following sound effects:
  • Easter morning ambience
  • Messenger arriving (comedy style – trumpet, galloping horse, car skid, door, footsteps)
  • Baby coughing
  • Church square
  • Uproar from the palace
  • Slow march to the guillotine (using the Imperial March) and guillotine slice
  • Slowly increasing fire
  • Escape on horse
  • A soft breeze
  • Arrival of the Ironshirts – version of the Imperial March
  • Creaking bridge
  • Rosy warm morning ruined by reality (Peer Gynt with record scratch)
  • Gradually building thaw
  • Sounds of war in the distance

Download41.8MB .zip file

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