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Elsewhere on the site you will find the music video I produced to accompany Billy Joel’s song We Didn’t Start the Fire.  Suggestions on how history teachers might incorporate the song and video into a lesson sequence on historical significance can be found here.

If you’re looking for my daily ‘on this day in history’ podcast then please head over to www.HistoryPod.net. I’ve created hundreds of 2-3 minute long podcasts covering a whole range of historical periods and events.

Everything on this History revision website is FREE to download so please let your history students, friends or teachers know about it!  If you would like to include links to any of the GCSE, IGCSE, A Level or IB History revision resources on your own website, please direct your visitors to www.mrallsophistory.com.

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120 Responses to Welcome to Mr Allsop History . com

  1. Shaan says:

    Hi again. This time I want to specify already that my question is relating A-levels GCSE.
    The exam skill paper 2 you have mentioned on this website, is that for A-levels GCSE? If yes, then you have mentioned how they need to give sustained judgment.. But that gets very difficult to do beyond Napoleon’s question which you have mentioned. I hope you understand my question. On the other hand, if that answer structure is not for A-levels then the question is useless but It’ll get a lot clearer for me. Thank you again for your help.

    • Mr Allsop says:

      Hi Shaan. I have different ‘Paper 2’ exam skills podcasts – one podcast for CIE IGCSE Paper 2 and two separate ones for each type of question on the CIE AS Paper 2 (part a and part b). I assume you are talking about CIE AS History Paper 2 Part b, since that is the one where I discuss sustained judgement with reference to Napoleon.

      I’m not really sure what you are asking, since to get the best marks in Paper 2 Part b a must must show a sustained judgement. The topic doesn’t matter – it could be a debate over who was responsible for the outbreak of the First World War, how far the Tsar was responsible for his own downfall, or whether France’s internal or external enemies were the biggest threat to the Revolution. Whatever the question topic, the student must present a sustained judgement in order to get the highest marks. This means putting forward a thesis statement in the introduction and ensuring that each paragraph is presented thematically in which evidence is given on both sides of the argument. The student must analyse the evidence in each theme and show how it supports their thesis.

      You’re right that it is challenging – this is why it is these answers that earn the highest marks. It is of course possible to use a less complex structure and still present a balanced argument, but this would achieve a lower level.

      I hope that’s helpful.

      • Shaan says:

        That is definitely helpful. I do understand what you are saying. I was looking for this clarification. Thank you for always replying so promptly and aptly.

  2. Jess says:

    Hi Mr Allsop.

    I’m doing A2 History at the moment and was wondering if you could help me find some resources on the Industrial Revolution?

    Thank you,

    • Mr Allsop says:

      Hi Jess. Thanks for your message. I’m afraid I don’t know of any Industrial Revolution revision sites for A2.

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